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Kitty Chambliss is a #1 Amazon best selling author, relationship coach (ICF-Certified Master Coach), keynote speaker, polyamorous and sex-positive advocate, and founder of Loving Without Boundaries (LWB) in 2012. She is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) Division 44 Committee on Consensual Non-monogamy, was a staff writer for ENM (Ethical Non-Monogamy) Magazine, as well as an Outreach Representative for the Relationship Equality Foundation (REF). Kitty has been a contributing writer for such publications as Multiamory, Swingtowns, and PostModern Woman, with her advocacy work also featured in the books “Stories From the Polycule” and “It’s Called Polyamory: Coming Out About Your Nonmonogamous Relationships.” She has given workshops around the country at conferences such as Beyond The Love, Atlanta Poly Weekend, Southwest Love Fest, the National Sex Educators Conference, the International Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Non-monogamy, and Sex Week at University of North Florida, and is a sought after special guest on broadcast shows and podcasts, such as CNN and PolyWeekly. Kitty is a professional certified relationship coach (MCC, CPC, and ELI-MP) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She has additional training in trauma-informed best practices. Lastly Kitty is thrilled to have brought her first book: “Jealousy Survival Guide: How to feel safe, happy, and secure in an open relationship” out in the world. Kitty has made it her life’s mission to make thriving relationships – even unconventional ones – attainable to everyone.

Within two years of authoring her blog, Kitty’s work received the Bad Girl Bloggers Award and now has 14,000+ followers. Within the first three weeks of production, her LWB award-winning podcast reached the status of New & Noteworthy on iTunes under the categories of Sexuality and Health. She enjoys interviewing world-renowned authors, speakers, educators, therapists, lawyers, and authorities in the fields of consensual non-monogamy, relationships, and even a “coming out coach.”

Kitty has worked worldwide with many clients privately over the years helping everyone (from singles to triads and beyond) have more deeply fulfilling love lives.

When she’s not coaching clients, writing a blog post, or capturing a podcast interview, Kitty loves to pretend she’s awesome at pole fitness dancing and being a rock star musician. She also loves immersing herself in new cultures, and savoring inspiring conversations over a great glass of wine with loved ones.


Kitty Chambliss is available to speak on the following topics or will create a customized presentation for your event or audience. The below presentations and workshops can be 60-120 minutes in length:

Title: Polyamory In Practice: How consensual non-monogamy can be a healthy relationship choice

Description: Ever wonder why someone chooses to live a polyamorous lifestyle? Is it an identity or simply a choice? This presentation is geared towards the poly-curious, those seeking more understanding about ethical non-monogamy as a healthy relationship choice, or anyone with an open mind wishing to understand how others live their lives and why. This presentation will discuss the dynamics of healthy communication and consent, and address myths about ethical non-monogamy.

Title: The Effects of “The Poly Closet” on Metamours, Ex-metamours, and Pivot Partners

Description: Are you in the “poly closet”? Is your partner? Doesn’t feel great, does it? In this workshop we dive deep into the poly closet pool, identifying ways in which this affects us and our partners. We discuss why many of us are still in the closet, and when might be an appropriate time to come out, and how to go about that as safely as one can. We also discuss strategies for supporting our partners if we are in the poly closet and they are not. Harmonious relationships are possible given some understanding and having the right tools.

Title: Jealousy Survival Guide

Description: Jealousy can have an enormous impact on some people, so it is no surprise that people (especially those who practice consensual non-monogamy) think, talk, and write about it quite a bit. Using techniques from her book, “Jealousy Survival Guide”, Kitty Chambliss gives you inspiration and provides tools to gain and practice new skills. This is a comprehensive workshop and step-by-step template for recognizing feelings of jealousy and insecurity as they come up using effective tools for sorting through those emotions, and when, if, and how to bring up challenging or potentially emotionally charged conversations with loved ones.

Title: Sex Positivity and Alternative Relationships as a Spiritual Path

Description: Ever wonder how to be comfortable with deepening intimacy while enjoying more mindful sex, or how to build trust and acceptance in relationships? This presentation is for those seeking more understanding and practical guidelines around sex positivity, living an authentic life, and will discuss definitions and types of alternative relationship structures (such as consensual non-monogamy (CNM)/polyamory).

Title: The Effects of Breakups on Metamours, Ex-metamours, and Pivot Partners

Description: Have you or your partner recently gone through a devastating breakup? Are you having difficulty learning to trust again after betrayal? In this workshop, we explore how to best practice self-love after a betrayal or breakup of an important relationship, how to gain support from loved ones during this crucial time, and how it affects our other partners and our metamours. Lastly we discuss ways to learn to trust again, starting with ourselves.

Title: Creative Collaboration Workshop

Description: A dynamic, fun, collaborative experience for groups to ignite their creativity, understand and manage their change process, and build lasting relationships of all kinds. Many people think creativity is about the output of art or writing or song, but actually it’s about the connection of ideas and getting something bigger and better in the end than you ever imagined. For this workshop, you will begin by working alone. In the end, you’ll work together. There WILL be surprises along the way. You’ll leave with a memory and inspiration of the weekend. You’ll have created an anchor to refer back to when you’re back in your home, alone, and remember that you are actually more connected than you ever imagined. Your mission is to Be Willing, Be Open and Be Committed. Concept: We all know that sometimes life throws you curveballs and totally changes your direction, often especially in the alternative relationship lifestyle. How will you handle this? How do you choose to move through it? Creatively, willingly, or not? This workshop forces the participants to ‘let go’ of their original ideas and accept new ones.


LWB Local Washington DC Metro Area MeetupPresenter, Meetup Host & Organizer

– If you’re local or happen to be visiting the DC metro area, come join us for a fun and engaging social gathering at 6:30 pm ET on Wednesday, September 11, 2024, at Murphy’s Grand Irish Pub (713 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314).

LWB Local Washington DC Metro Area MeetupPresenter, Meetup Host & Organizer

– If you’re local or happen to be visiting the DC metro area, come join us for a fun and engaging social gathering at 6:30 pm ET on Monday, November 11, 2024, at Murphy’s Grand Irish Pub (713 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314).

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LWB Local Washington DC Metro Area Meetup, Presenter, Meetup Host & Organizer – (May 8, 2024, Murphy’s Grand Irish Pub, Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

Southwest Love Fest, Vendor, Supporter, Conference Reviewer – (April 14–16, 2023, Tucson, Arizona, USA)

Open Love Experience, Conference Speaker, Headliner – (October 13–17, 2022, Fort Pierce, Florida, USA)

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, Volunteer, Supporter, Conference Reviewer – (August 5–7, 2022, Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

RelateFest, Lifestyle Journalist and Conference Reviewer – (March 4–6, 2022, Miami, Florida, USA)

Rethinking Relationships Virtual Summit with Axel Blumenberg, Presenter (February 14–16, 2022; Online)

Practices and Principles of Ethical Polyamory Conference (hosted by Kathy Slaughter): Speaker/Panelist – (June 8, 2021; Online)

Empowered Pleasure – Book Club Series: Presentation by the Author: “Jealousy Survival Guide’ Book Toolkit – The Dynamics of Jealousy in CNM Relationships” – (April 8, 2021; Online)

#Open Dating App Workshop Series: Presenter: “The Dynamics of Jealousy in CNM Relationships” – (November 18, 2020; Online)

Sexual Health Alliance (SHA): Relationship and Sexuality Expert Instructor, Class: The Dynamics of Jealousy in CNM Relationships – A Toolkit for Helping Professionals” for Year-Long CNM Certification – (September 2020; Online Curriculum)

Poly Loving Philadelphia 2020: Presenter, Meetup Host, Workshop: How To Deal with Being In the Closet or Out – with your Polyamory or your Partner’s” – (February 9, 2020; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)

Live Podcast Recording Event (during Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit 2019 Weekend): Special Guest Panelists – Ruby B. Johnson, Kevin Patterson, and Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti, Meetup/Podcast Host – (August 15, 2019; Private Residence; Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

World Domination Summit 2019 Meetup: Jealousy Survival Guide: How to feel safe, happy, and secure in an open relationship, Meetup Host, Presenter – (June 30, 2019; McMenamins Ringlers Pub; Portland, Oregon, USA)

National Sex Educators Conference (NSEC), Roundtable Presenter, Lifestyle Journalist, Topic: “Polyamory In Practice: Understanding Consensual Non-monogamy – (April 5, 2019, Newark, New Jersey, USA)

Curious Fox Social, Special Guest Panelist, Topic: “Metamour’s (Your Lover’s Lover)” – (April 3, 2019, Doors 7pm, Brooklyn, New York USA)

Southwest Love Fest 2019, Presenter, Vendor, Workshop: “Jealousy Survival Guide”  – (March 29–31, 2019, Tucson, Arizona, USA)

The 6th Beyond The Love 2018, Keynote Speaker, Presenter, Vendor, Lifestyle Journalist, Workshops: “Jealousy Survival Guide” and “Sex Positivity” – (November 9–11, 2018, Columbus, Ohio, USA)

Endless Poly Summer, Presenter, Workshops: “Jealousy Survival Guide”  and “Sex Positivity”– (August 17–19, 2018, Abrams Creek, West Virginia, USA)

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, Lifestyle Journalist, Vendor – (August 2–5, 2018, Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

World Domination Summit 2018 Meetup: Sex Positivity and Alternative Relationships as a Path to Living a Passionate Life, Meetup Host, Presenter – (June 30, 2018, McMenamins Ringlers Pub, Portland, Oregon, USA)

Atlanta Poly Weekend, Presenter, REF Outreach Representative, Vendor – Workshop: “Jealousy Survival Guide” and The Poly Closet” – (June 1–3, 2018, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

Namasgay Summit, Presenter with Frank Macri, Lifestyle Journalist, Supporter – (Spring, 2018, Seattle, Washington, USA)

Coup/3Goals, Presenter, Podcaster, Supporter, and Special Guest Panelist with Co-Presenter Ruby Johnson – (March 23, 2018, ReUnion Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA)

National Sex Educator Conference (NSEC), Presenter, Lifestyle Journalist – Workshop: “Polyamory In Practice: Understanding Consensual Non-monogamy” – (December 6–9, 2017, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA)

The 5th Beyond The Love 2017, Lifestyle Journalist, Vendor, Conference Reviewer – (December 1–3, 2017, Columbus, Ohio, USA)

Consider This: A Day of Challenging the Status Quo in Sex & Relationships, Special Guest Panelist, Lifestyle Journalist, Event Reviewer – (September 16th, 2017, House of YES, Brooklyn, New York, USA)

Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit 2017, Presenter’s Assistant to Myisha Battle, Sex Coach; REF Outreach Representative; Conference Reviewer – Workshop: “Making Pleasure Political: How To Be Politically Engaged While Repping Your Pleasure-based Business” – (August 5, 2017, Arlington, Virginia, USA)

World Domination Summit 2017 Meetup: Thriving in Alternative Relationships and Sexualities, Co-Presenter with Rick Clemons, Coming Out Coach – (July 15, 2017, McMenamins Ringlers Pub, Portland, Oregon, USA)

RelateCon: Empowering Relationship Diversity, Presenter, REF Outreach Representative, and Conference Reviewer – Workshops: “The Effects of the Poly Closet and Poly Breakups on Metamours, Ex-metamours, and Pivot Partners” – (March 31–April 2, 2017, Boise, Idaho, USA)

Sex Week, University of North Florida, Presenter, REF Outreach Representative, and Lifestyle Journalist – Workshops: “Polyamory In Practice: How consensual non-monogamy can be a healthy relationship choice” – (March 8, 2017, Jacksonville, FL, USA)

The 4th Beyond The Love Conference, Presenter, Lifestyle Journalist and Conference Reviewer, Workshops: “The Effects of “The Poly Closet” and Breakups on Metamours, Ex-metamours, and Pivot Partners” – (November 11–13, 2016, Columbus, Ohio, USA)

Poly Talks and Wry Relationships: The Ethical Slut, Guest Panelist and Presenter with Janet Hardy – co-author of The Ethical Slut – (September 10, 2016, Hacienda Villa, Brooklyn, New York, USA)

LWB / BmorePoly Special Guest Presentation by Dr. Sheff, Event Host & Organizer, Presentations by published author, speaker and educator, Dr. Elisabeth Sheff, Topics: “Advantages & Disadvantages of Polyamorous Families”, “Disasters in Coming Out and How to Avoid Them” and “Strategies for Managing Jealousy” – (August 17, 2016, Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

World Domination Summit 2016 Meetup: Polyamory Social & Luncheon, Presenter, Host & Organizer – (August 14th, Raven & Rose Restaurant, Portland, Oregon, USA)

Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit 2016, Lifestyle Journalist and Conference Reviewer – (August 4–7, 2016, Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

BmorePoly Meetup and Discussion Group, Co-host & Discussion Panelist with Barry and Cathy Smiler – (April 17, 2016, Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

The 3rd Beyond The Love Conference, Special Press Pass, Lifestyle Journalist, and Conference Reviewer – (November 13–15, 2015, Columbus, Ohio, USA)

“I Can Relate To That” Internet Radio Show by TeeRenee’ Curtis, Special Guest Panelist – Monogamy and Polyamory – (February 24, 2015)

The 4th International Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Nonmonogamy by Dave Doleshal, Presenter – Polyamory vs. Cheating: Lessons from a former serial monogamist – (February 14, 2015, Berkeley, California, USA)

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