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The 5-Step Formula My Clients Use to Create
Healthy, Loving, Open Relationships

Join me for a free presentation where I’ll be pulling back the curtain and revealing the 5-step formula to let go of
self-doubt and fear, maintain control of any jealous feelings, so that partners who choose open relationships as
their preferred relationship structure feel loved and supported in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

The 5-Step Formula My Clients Use to Create Healthy, Loving, Open Relationships

(48 minutes)

Jealousy survival guide jealousy in relationships

In this masterclass, we will cover…

  • The simple game plan my clients use to effectively manage their emotions of jealousy, fear, and insecurity while creating more loving, transparent multiple relationships.
  • Why denying or repressing jealousy is the exact WRONG strategy to follow… and the fastest way to build confidence in healthy, open relationships while gaining more joy and freedom.
  • The #1 reliable tool to gain more peace of mind and stay off the roller coaster of emotions even if obsessive thoughts, resentment, and worry have been part of the struggle previously.
  • The little known method my clients use to confidently communicate with their loved ones WITHOUT discussions until two in the morning, long drawn out fights, and feelings of not being heard.
  • AND… how to do all this while being 100% completely authentic and living in integrity… even if you have felt judged in the past.

NOTE: If you miss the live online workshop, have no fear as you
will get a link for the replay.


Here’s What People Are Saying:

“No matter how you learn, Kitty provides it. There are videos, conversations, and handouts. This program is more than life changing… it is LIFE IMPROVING. I am personally improved and so is my relationship. We no longer fight; we have conversations!

Because of Kitty and JSG we now enjoy life and each other like we did when we first started dating! …Thank you so much for all you have provided for us, Kitty. We are a completely different couple than we were a month ago. And, we’ve each had quite a bit of self discovery that has helped us grow personally and as a couple.” — Sara in Arkansas

ethical non monogamy counsellingThe JSG Program was instrumental in helping me navigate from monogamy to polyamory. Without the course material, and Kitty’s perfect pitch coaching, I don’t think I would have made it. Kitty is a beautiful soul who will gently but firmly be your guide through this very tough but amazingly rewarding journey” — Mark Richter

“What awesome coaching sessions! You’re the best! Thank you for the precious and powerful advice you give. We love the tools and are implementing them now! This has been the best investment I have made in myself personally. And it’s truly the most transforming program and course that I have ever been through! It’s a lifelong investment that’s one of the best things I have ever done in my life.”— Tim in Abu Dhabi

“I never imaged someone 1,000s of miles away I found online on Facebook could change my life for the better. I spent years, decades in traditional counseling and religion trying to keep the beach ball of my past trauma underwater – too much to keep under water at the same time (and that didn’t work). I’m beyond grateful to my partner for not giving up on us and me when I all but begged her to a few times this last year. I’m also grateful for Kitty’s passion to help the helpless.” — Doug in Arkansas

“It’s only been two weeks, and I’m already seeing incredible transformation! I can’t wait for all of the upcoming weeks – I’m so excited!” — Natalia in Philadelphia

“Eight weeks ago we began our LWB program. This week we finish. It’s not likely we would’ve made it thru CoVid without Kitty Chambliss and her priceless gift of real insight and tools to help us find these healthy and helpful communication tools. Every concern we had about doing this type of work remotely over the Internet melted away after our first online meeting with Kitty. This is not a weekly counseling session, it’s much much more. Every week she provided us with hours of content, downloads and tools. It’s not too late to start again. This was single-handedly the best investment we have made in ourselves and each other. It’s much more than you’ll find in her book. It’s also content that you’ll have access to for the rest of your life.
Is today the day or is it just another day? Make it the first day of the rest of your life.” — Dustin in Arkansas

“This program is really great. My ex-wife and I started this program to see if we could even bring our relationship back from the dead. Not only did we figure that out, by week 4 we were shopping for rings again. By the end of the program, we’re planning our rebuilt future. Thanks, Kitty!” — Scott in Colorado

“I’m halfway through the program, and I’m having great progress. I can withstand my feelings much better, manage my own jealousy, and communicate in healthier ways. I feel more confident and stronger and that’s bleeding over into other areas of my life! I’m feeling alot better and more empowered!” — Scarlett in Washington, DC

“This program came at the perfect time in my life. All of the emotional intelligence I have craved for years to self-develop was provided. I am proud to be a better communicator and inwardly and outwardly loving in all of my relationships.” — Emily in Chicago

“My experience was beautiful and deeply impactful. This program is life-changing for anyone who is willing to dig down deep and commit to the work and tools that Kitty provides. I cannot recommend it more to anyone who is working to grow and expand the ways they want to build healthy relationships with both themselves and their loved ones. It was powerful for me to realize that I have different triggers in my two relationships and really ‘unpack’ how I react to them.” — Chris in Florida

“During the coaching sessions no one’s B.S. was overlooked. Kitty deftly called each of us out without anyone feeling attacked. This was important in helping me to separate out what emotions and actions were mine (not ours) to manage.The program was the right mix of coaching, self-paced (solo) learning, and homework with my partner. It allowed for multiple touch points each week. It is absolutely worth putting in the time.” — Cara in Brazil

“I have learned life long tools to continue to improve my relationships. My life has gotten exponentially better since starting this program. Kitty is so encouraging, kind, and genuine! I wholeheartedly recommend this program.” — Britta in Texas

“This program made me realize I was approaching this whole journey from a place a fear, which is not what I want to do. I took a step back, asked for help, and feel 1,000 times better about it.” — Amber in Japan

“When we started this program, we were just entering into our open relationship and learning all the in’s and outs. The LWB program helped give us the tools and insight we needed to navigate this new terrain without sabotaging our relationship in the process. We now feel more confident in our ability to tackle any issues and emotions that come our way.” — Kristen B.

“I began the program, very insecure, fearful and consumed by thoughts dragging me down. I now feel much more secure, with many tools under my belt that has set me up for such success. I feel prepared and able to handle my thoughts and feelings – making myself a better person, being a better partner in my relationship as well.” — Calvin Gautschi

I definitely recommend doing this work. It sets you up to have strong relationships in life. As an online teacher, there are three domains that are important: 1) Instructor Presence; 2) Cognitive Presence; and 3) Social Presence. This coaching system has it all. Kitty was so present and really listens, the content was excellent, and the social aspect was great too with community and group calls. It had all the facets. If I were to rate it, I would give it EMPLEMPLARY! … It is worth investing in ourselves, putting in the work. I realize now it was a gift being locked up in the house (during COVID), finding ME again. I did so much work, and now I’m ready to interface with other people. I would go for coaching over therapy in the future.” — Linda in Massachusetts

ethical non monogamy counselling

Kitty has opened my eyes that love isn’t a fairy tale that just falls into your lap. She has taught me that love is a skill. I have learned how to communicate, be vulnerable, and to love myself even more than before. I am so living my personal manifesto and growing everyday with the tools Loving Without Boundaries has shown me. Kitty served me above and beyond anything I have experienced before. Kitty has helped me understand why I am here today.”
Shannon Van Walt


Free Masterclass Available

If you want to check out how we do this, watch this free masterclass where I share all the details.
Learn about the secret to build confidence in healthy, open relationships while gaining more joy and freedom
AND why denying or repressing jealousy is the exact WRONG strategy to follow.
Click below to watch this brand new training. It’s absolutely worth your time.