Welcome to Loving Without Boundaries!

I’m Kitty Chambliss, Founder and Chief Hostess around here.
But let’s be clear on one thing – while I may have started this community,
you are the ones who make it what it is. It is not mine, it’s OURS.

I see my mission as pretty simple: To Love and to Educate.

Given all the individuals in the world, there simply is not only one type of relationship structure that works for everyone. A romantic relationship is collaboration – a joint creative project to build something as unique and individual as the people creating it. Yet we live in a society where monogamous, heterosexual pairing is the overwhelming majority of how relationships are structured. We are taught to desire and seek one other person – the one person who will make us whole and happy. Then supposedly we will no longer desire others. Some call this the “romance myth” – the heterosexual, monogamous romance. Because we are socialized in a culture that teaches us that monogamy is right and natural, monogamy is often not a conscious choice for people, but is more of a default for how to be in relationships. Yet monogamy does not seem to be working well enough for all as evidenced by the high divorce rates, with roughly one third citing infidelity as the cause. Cheating is rampant in society, with some believing “they have no choice.”

My mission is to help change the way we as society view relationships and connect with each other as well as ourselves. I am teaching people that we have more choices, how to love better, and to understand that we are ALL valuable, even if one is part of a sexual minority. Everyone has the right as well as an innate desire to be loved, to have a sense of belonging, and to conduct their lives as they wish. I want people to feel that they are FREE to CHOOSE who to love and how to love, free from discrimination and ridicule. And I want to help create a world where there is more tolerance, understanding, and acceptance for unconventional relationships and sexual minorities. Ethical non-monogamy and polyamory are an option that is available to you and to all of us that choose this path.

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At Loving Without Boundaries we believe that loving WHO you want HOW you want is a fundamental human right.

Many have a fear of discrimination or exclusion as well as a loss of friendships and relationships, partly because they are “coloring outside of the lines” of what society deems appropriate behavior (basically hetero-normative monogamy as the only choice for healthy relationships). Many also suffer from a lack of support, understanding, and a sense of belonging due to mainstream society telling them they are WRONG for being who they are. Lastly many resort to cheating on their mate – thus creating emotional pain and suffering – because they don’t realize there is another choice.

I truly believe that we can improve the quality of our lives by improving the quality of our relationships.

I believe that at the end of each of our life journeys, it is love and the quality of our connections that we will cherish and hold dear to our hearts, no matter which path we choose to get there (monogamous, polyamorous, or otherwise). Being vulnerable and truly connecting means knowing who you are and having the courage to share your authentic self with others.

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The world is taught to believe in the scarcity model based on fear surrounding relationships, and thus many are dysfunctional or fail altogether creating unhappiness, disconnection, and isolation. The Loving Without Boundaries mission helps one see the world in abundance (vs. scarcity) with a sense of happiness that the world (and healthy, loving relationships) are within our control. My mission is also to teach people that they have more choices than they may realize, as well as how to love themselves better replacing self-hatred for being their authentic, genuine selves.

I strive to help by offering a supportive community here at Loving Without Boundaries (LWB) as well as actionable advice through writing articles, relationship coaching, public speaking, effective tools and a place we can call home while we all navigate these waters in our unique quest for happiness and joy.

The Loving Without Boundaries community is geared towards those practicing ethical non-monogamy of all kinds with an emphasis on polyamory and the poly-curious.

The world needs to stop teaching people that hetero-normative monogamy is the only way to have healthy productive relationships. That is simply not true! There are MANY ways to have healthy, loving relationships. On a related note I’m not OK with how sex negativity is so prevalent across the globe and even talking about sex is shunned in some circles. There is nothing wrong with talking about something as natural as sex. Expressions of love through the union of human beings is beautiful.

I stand behind the philosophy of Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Alliance. Woodhull envisions a world that recognizes sexual freedom as the fundamental human right of all individuals (both men and women alike) to develop and express their unique sexuality; to be personally autonomous with regard to bodily integrity and expression; and to enjoy sexual dignity, privacy and consensual sexual expression without societal or governmental interference, coercion or stigmatization.

Sex is fun and pleasure is good for you.

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Go get your freak on! I’ll wait… And when you’re ready, check out the goodness that is here at the Loving Without Boundaries website, such as free resources, information, and schwagg to share your enthusiasm in living your authentic life and enjoying a community that you can call “home.”

Welcome to the community! We are so glad that you are here.
Kitty Chambliss