• Consensual Non-monogamy
  • Opening Up Relationships
  • Self-worth and “not enough” Blocks
  • Boundaries & Communication
  • Unconventional Relationships

1-on-1 Coaching with Kitty Chambliss

Work Directly with Kitty for Maximum Results in your Life

Whether you’re already non-monogamous, involved with someone who is, or “poly-curious” and wondering if non-monogamy might be right for you, I work with people struggling with every aspect of multiple intimate relationships.


  • Questioned traditional ideas about monogamous, heterosexual pairing as the only “right” way to have successful long-term relationships, or felt alone because you believed no one else would understand that?
  • Felt insecure, unloved or jealous over a partner’s attraction to, or desire to be romantically involved with, someone else?
  • Struggled with guilt, shame or conflict because you genuinely wanted to be with more than one person simultaneously in an intimate or loving relationship?
  • Wanted to experience a whole new level of romantic and sexual freedom, with the full support of your current partner or one you have yet to find?
  • Been called a slut, whore or “dirty swinger” just because you don’t feel that sex with only one person for the rest of your life is realistic, or even desirable?

Whichever side of the coin you’re on, you’re not alone. Monogamy is right for many, but have you ever even given yourself the option of choice? For some, loving more than one person is natural and can be healthy, ethical and honest for everyone involved. You’re just looking for some guidance.

But no one’s ever taught you how to love in that way.

Well, here’s good news for you: There’s no wrong way to “do poly” as long as you have honest conversations and ethical behavior in your corner. These conversations aren’t easy, but they are what make it all work. And the first conversation you need to have is with yourself.

You need to get real with yourself and identify how you really feel about you and/or your partner having more than one meaningful relationship. You need to figure out your core values. And get out of any relationship you’re not aligned with. No one is born knowing this stuff, and society rarely tells us that we even have a choice other than what’s “expected.”

That’s where I come in.

These things aren’t easy to figure out when you’re in the thick of it. I help you find clarity from within – clarity about what you want and about your values. Then I help you work through the feelings and insecurities that naturally come up as you’re weeding through decades of societal programming that told you monogamy was the only way. Programming that led you to look for love from a place of fear and scarcity (not wanting to be alone) instead of excitement and abundance (realizing that you’re worthy of love and it is plentiful).

Having been in polyamorous relationships for over 6 years and ethically non-monogamous relationships for over 12, I know the exact struggles you’re going through. And I’ve worked through them all. I want to help you work through them too.

So you can experience the deep level of love you want to.

A love so strong that you want your partner to experience as much love as they desire. A love built on such trust that you know your partner isn’t going anywhere – that you are cherished. A love built on such a strong foundation of love, honesty, and communication, you’re able to talk through any jealousy and insecurity that comes up – directly with your partner.

It’s all possible. You can create that. All the clarity is inside you. Let me help you bring it to the surface.


First, we will clarify exactly what you’re seeking to accomplish, alleviate or understand. I’ll walk you through a process that will allow us to articulate clear goals and define what success looks like. We’ll unearth your fears, questions and concerns, and relieve any immediate anxiety you may have.

We then redefine what love means to you by establishing and clearly understanding your boundaries, setting intentions, and communicating desires, openly, honestly and without fear, shame or judgement. We fine-tune our listening, communication and calibration skills, establishing a strong foundation of trust and honesty to build on.

Next we will dig deep to get to the hardest truths and celebrate the honesty that emerges. We study jealousy and develop a healthy relationship with it.

My coaching program offers a pragmatic approach to problem-solving and a safe space for healing when needed, with a clear process and a safe atmosphere that leads to self-discovery and growth. Nothing is off-limits in our coaching sessions.


Opening up is a conscious process requiring time and dedication. Our work begins with a one-on-one session (with each partner if needed), during which we establish your individual values and determine core goals. We also look for blocks that may be holding you back from achieving your dreams. Then we discuss what a mutually ideal relationship could look like. Once we have a handle on a vision, we collaborate on the structure, agreements, and dimensions of your partnership.

Our sessions will either occur face-to-face in the Washington, DC metro area or long-distance via Skype.


  • Guaranteed results*
  • A greater sense of ease, happiness, and emotional freedom
  • Complete certainty that the partner(s) you are with are right for you (or that you need to move on)
  • Better sex – more connection, more excitement, more satisfying sexual play
  • Tools to help you find a partner that is perfectly compatible with your lifestyle
  • And much more!


Once you do that, you will be given a detailed questionnaire which allows you to give me the necessary details about your particular situation. None of us can see our own blind spots. I will guide you to uncover startling clarity and insight into your situation. Many of my clients report feeling better, or gaining more clarity on what they want and how to get it, simply by filling out the questionnaire.

But we don’t stop there. You and I will hop on the phone (no matter where you are in the world) and spend thirty minutes (60 for future sessions) diving deep into your current situation with me as your guide to find suitable and actionable solutions.

1. We’ll work together to pinpoint exactly what’s holding you back in your life. The thing that is holding you back is very rarely what you think it is – and the truth will blow you away.

2. You will leave our time together with a clear and immediately actionable plan that you can start implementing the very same day.

There are a couple ways you can work with me. And they all start with a FREE 45-minute Breakthrough Session. On the call I’ll get to find out about you and your specific struggles. And you’ll get a feel of what it’s like to work with me. Then, we can decide if we’re a good fit. Can’t wait to chat with you! Click below to get started.

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I am only interested in doing great work and I am committed to creating a win-win for everyone involved. My job is to show you the way with compassion, caring, and proven tools. Your job is to show up, do the work, and be coach-able. Are you ready? Let’s do this together!