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  • Jealousy Survival Guidebook
  • True Stories of Multiple Loves Interview Series
  • Loving Without Boundaries Creed Poster


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Jealousy Survival Guide (PDF) – A comprehensive guide book and step-by-step template for recognizing feelings of jealousy and insecurity as they come up with effective tools for sorting through those emotions, and when, if, and how to bring up challenging or potentially emotionally charged conversations with loved ones. NOTE: Chapter One available for free. Click here to order the Kindle or Print version of the full book on Amazon.

Jealousy survival guide - how to overcome jealousy

True Stories of Multiple Loves Interview Series (PDF) – An ebook formatted version of my most popular real life stories of people successfully leading an ethically non-monogamous life, written in their own words based on my written interview questions created for the Loving Without Boundaries blog.

true stories

Loving Without Boundaries Creed – High Resolution Poster (Image Download) – The 21 core principles for our Loving Without Boundaries mission and revolution in high-quality printable format to serve as a reminder of how to interact with the world and our most cherished loved ones – all while creating connections and relationships that change everything.



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