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Build Confidence and Increase your Emotional Well-Being

Regardless of what type of relationship you're in — polyamorous, monogamous or something in between — jealousy has the potential to creep in and wreck it. In her brilliant work, Kitty Chambliss helps you understand your jealously so that you have the power to take control of it and prevent it from affecting your emotional well-being and behaviors. Throughout the course, she shares very real, relatable stories from her own life mixed in with insightful advice and action steps that enable readers to immediately apply the lessons. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to feel more confident in their relationships and in themselves.

— Vanessa Van Edwards Human Behavior Researcher

Jealousy Begone!

Jealously isn’t pretty and can wreck havoc in any relationship. Question is, how exactly do we deal with this highly charged feeling of jealousy? A question I’ve personally pondered for years myself. Kitty does a fantastic job of providing real-world practical advice and suggestions of how to effectively overcome the feeling of jealousy. Everything from identifying it, how to approach it personally, and bringing it up with loved ones in a constructive versus destructive way. If you’re looking to better understand and manage feelings of jealousy you may have previously experienced or are currently experiencing, I can’t recommend this enough.

— Mike Goncalves Health and Wellness Expert

Clear, Powerful, Actionable Strategies

Many people have said many things about jealousy, much of it trite and glib. Kitty Chambliss, on the other hand, pulls back the curtain and takes a realistic look at the tangled emotions that we call jealousy. She makes it clear that the first step towards healthy relationships is looking inside and "taking responsibility for your own happiness." In addition to clearing up what jealousy is and is not, Kitty offers a game plan and a series of activities designed to help put jealousy in perspective and take steps to "take control of your emotional well-being and rock your relationships."

 — Lightfoot of Coppermoon Senior Member

Much Wisdom and Practical Knowledge

Kitty Chambliss’ Jealousy Survival Guide is a packed with information and worksheets useful for dealing with any toxic emotions (not only jealousy) that could threaten a person’s wellbeing — in or out of polyamorous relationships. Her expertise as a relationship and life coach is apparent — there is much wisdom and practicable knowledge. This is already a go-to resource I recommend to my listeners and anyone looking for advice on how to take control of the emotions that threaten their happiness.

— Paige La Marchand Creator of The Pageist Podcast

Hands-on advice for any kind of relationship…

Jealousy. If you're like most people, just thinking about the idea of jealousy brings up many negative associations, like moral weakness, reckless behavior, feeling intensely uncomfortable or powerless, feeling out of control, or being swamped by shame. Kitty's matter of fact, warm, and humorous approach to this topic defuses this negativity. She includes exercises to encourage you to face your emotional challenges, while maintaining compassion for yourself and others. As a therapist, I recognize many of the strategies and I can vouch for their ability to effect positive change in your life. This gem provides useful information for anyone. All of us experience moments of emotional intensity that prevent us from behaving the way we prefer. All of us struggle with forgiving ourselves and learning new ways to operate in our relationships with those we love. Please allow Kitty's warm and optimistic perspective to support you and teach you how to do things differently today.

— Kathy Slaughter LCSW

Goldmine of Information from Experience

This course is a goldmine of information and comes from a place of experience and not just theory. The tools, techniques and strategies that Kitty provides will not just help you deal with jealousy in your relationship (monogamous, polyamorous or otherwise) but help you build emotional intelligence leading to a better, more fun and fulfilling life. Thank you for creating and sharing this work, Kitty.

— Steven Briginshaw