Kitty Chambliss is a polyamorous, sex-positive author, educator, speaker and activist who has been the founder and creator of this website and revolution, Loving Without Boundaries since December of 2012 with over 160 blog posts to date – including many personal interviews. Kink-friendly Kitty founded the blog and website originally as an outlet and one-stop toolkit for everything that she was learning on her own polyamorous journey. But she quickly realized that what she was creating was a resource for the poly and poly-curious – to form a community, share experiences and help guide each other on their respective journeys of poly-relationship exploration. It became clear that this community was able to support, love and guide each other away from common relationship mishaps, all while spreading joy and love, celebrating each other’s victories, as well as picking each other up with empathy when we fall down. How beautiful and inspiring!

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 6.09.17 PMLoving Without Boundaries has received accolades and interest from the likes of bloggers such as, The Fucket List, Postmodern Woman, Seattle Poly Chick, Professor Polyamory, A Poly Heart, Mental Illness and Non-Monogamy, Poly Aphrodite, A Wry Perspective, Lifestyle Gambler, Threesomes and Variations and Poly In Columbus; groups such as Polyamory Network and Beyond The Love; and media agencies such as NYC’s Barcroft Media, and UK’s Mercury Press and Caters News and many more. She was thrilled to be recently nominated for the Bad Girl Bloggers Award from SukieJones at Clean Cut, All American. Kitty has also spoken on the topic of ethical non-monogamy / polyamory / open relationships at seminars and talk shows, and welcomes the opportunity to present at your next event. She is available to speak on the following topics or will create a customized presentation based on your suggestions:

Polyamory vs. Cheating: Lessons from a former serial monogamist
Embrace Different: Learning to live a life less ordinary



The 3rd Beyond The Love Conference, Special Press Pass and Conference Reviewer – (November 13–15, 2015, Columbus. Ohio)

“I Can Relate To That” Internet Radio Show by TeeRenee’ Curtis, Special Guest Panelist – Monogamy and Polyamory, (February 24, 2015)

The 4th International Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Nonmonogamy by Dave Doleshal, Presenter – Polyamory vs. Cheating: Lessons from a former serial monogamist (February 14, 2015, Berkeley, California)



Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 1.33.08 PMStories From The Polycule by Dr. Elisabeth Sheff
Contributing Author (October 15, 2015 Release)
The first of its kind, this anthology brings together stories, poems, drawings and essays created by real people living in polycules. Kitty Chambliss is proud to be one of the contributing authors to this wonderful addition to your ethical non-monogamy library!

Youshare-Award-FNL-v1-300x3001The YoushareProject by Nick and Ashlee Blewett 
My Adventures Becoming A Polyamorous Woman
(December 5, 2014)
Kitty is proud to be one of the contributing authors as well as a Youshare Ambassador to this amazing project that launched in 2015 where she shares her story of how she became a polyamorous, married woman.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 1.40.47 PM

Postmodern Woman by Louisa Leontiades –
How I Became Polyamorous and Other Adventures 
(October 16, 2014)



Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 11.58.45 AMThe Loving Without Boundaries Podcast was launched July 6, 2015 reaching the status of New & Noteworthy on iTunes under the categories of Sexuality and Health in the first three weeks of production. Kitty is having a blast interviewing world-renowned authors, speakers, coaches, educators and authorities in the fields of ethical non-monogamy, relationships and even a “coming out coach.” There are over 30 episodes to date with more in the pipeline. Stay tuned for what’s to come!


Proud Lifetime Member of the:
Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 12.35.16 PM


Please feel free to contact me to speak at your next conference, seminar, sex-positive slumber party or event! I am also available for interviews, guest blog posts, podcasts or other aired radio shows. Ping me through my contact form here. I love talking to other passionate, fun, sex-positive and inspiring people! Let’s tawwk!

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  1. Hi Kitty!
    I’ve just recently began writing a formal blog (in lieu of my previous method of horrifying people, which was just a slew of unorganized Facebook posts). It’s largely about the relationship that modern Christianity has to our sexuality, in particular in how it is the basis of cultural hate and homophobia. I have a page where I link to blogs, books, etc that I draw inspiration from. I would like to add you and your blog to that page, but I’m learning that not everyone likes to be associated with my controversial take on things, so I thought I’d ask your permission first 🙂 It’s . I’ve just started posting to it, but so many people ask me where do you get these crazy ideas that I created a Recommended Reading page, which is what I’m referring to. I won’t be offended if you say no!
    Many Thanks,

    • Hi Amie! I just wanted to let you know that I did check out your blog when I had a moment. I like how you are breaking new ground there with your discussions, questioning the relationship between Christianity and our sexuality. I would truly be honored to be added to your “Recommended Reading” section as part of the larger discussion. Also feel free to comment here anytime that you have something to offer to the discussion. I would love to hear your thoughts!


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