It was great meeting you [at the Beyond The Love conference]. Your presentations were so helpful and right on point with a lot of the challenges we are going through right now. The whole weekend was filled with an incredible amount of self-discovery and partner-discovery. So thank you.

I will just chime in and say I also enjoyed your workshops! So great to meet you and we will be back next year for sure.QuoteRight

Matt B & Janet RConference and Workshop Attendees of Beyond The Love 2016

Kitty continues to WOW me on a weekly basis with her immense and unwavering strength of character and unpretentious and transparent honesty. Her drive and determination to face all kinds of problems head-on has been truly inspirational. Here is a woman who knows no boundaries when it comes to loving another. She speaks openly about her downfalls and mistakes and personally, I feel this is precisely what makes her connect to audiences both through her writing, her singing, and of course her public speaking. Here is a lady of substance who is a force to be reckoned with, and who deserves every platform possible to be heard. She is at the forefront of change to what we term ‘social norms.’ Her affable and genuine personality ensures she breaks the silence on monogamy with a resounding applause (metaphorically of course).QuoteRight

Daamini SColleague, Supporter, and Public Relations and Social Media Expert

Kitty Chambliss paints a frank, honest picture of life in a Poly relationship. Kitty is an ethical non-monogamist who knows what life was like before she decided to allow her love for more to grow. She is also someone who knows all the pitfalls of Poly life from jealousy to managing time to showing the courage to ask the questions most wonder about their Poly relationships. It is her open approach and un-ashamed description of her life that makes her writings a welcome site each week. It is also why her story should be a part of the conference as well.QuoteRight

Ed HColleague, Supporter, and Community Leader of Loving Without Boundaries

Kitty presents content from daily life experiences and gives credibility to both the difficulties and the positive side of polyamory. She expresses sensitive subject matter in a very professional, yet down to earth manner that makes sense even to those not involved in the lifestyle. She has quickly become a well-respected and quietly sought after resource for practitioners of ethical non-monogamy; as well as those who are just beginning to seek information and consider the lifestyle. Kitty has a deep understanding that there isn’t just one way to practice polyamory, and isn’t insistent that her way is the only way. She advocates the need for ethical behavior, honest, open communication, and personal boundaries in order to establish and maintain healthy polyamorous relationships. She is a valuable, knowledgeable resource that would provide your audience with a wealth of information regarding polyamory regardless of their beginning level of knowledge. Kitty is fun, personable and engaging. QuoteRight

Angel BarbieSupporter and Community Member of Loving Without Boundaries

A well organized writer and communicator, Kitty is really interested in people and their stories and is comfortable sharing her own story. Watching Kitty work through some very challenging relationship dynamics has been a privilege. She works hard at relationships and at understanding her own contribution to the situation. I’ve learned a lot from her in terms of how I approach my own relationships and my own thinking. QuoteRight

Blair MColleague, Supporter, and Community Member of Loving Without Boundaries