Coaching FAQ

Do you work with men or women?

Both, and more! All genders and orientations are welcome.

Do you work with couples, triads and beyond?

I do work with couples and more. However, I usually work with people within a partnership individually at first, and then together later on if it is necessary.

Can I buy sessions for someone else (my partner(s), or a friend)?

The answer to this is usually no. The only exception is when you are buying for a friend/partner/person who knows that you are buying the session for them and they are excited to do the session. I.e. you can’t surprise gift people sessions as the desire to do the session needs to come from within the person who will actually be on the call with me.

How long will we work together?

I pride myself on getting my clients the most efficient results possible. I am not in the business of wasting your time, or mine. The faster you are able to achieve your desired outcome, the happier we both are.

The number of sessions that we will need together depends entirely on what you are looking to work through. Remember that you want solutions and a better outcome. That’s the goal. How quickly we work together depends very much on you, and the amount of effort you are willing to put into your success. So the answer to this is highly individualized and is specific to your unique needs.

What are your coaching rates?

My goal is to get folks the outcome that they seek when they come to me for help. That said, I do not post hourly rates as I do not work “hourly”. When we work together, you are enjoying the collective knowledge and experience of countless hours of study, exploration, trial and error, certifications, classes/workshops around the country and the globe. That is priceless and not truly expressed via an hourly rate. If we are a fit to work together, then I will make a recommendation for how to help you get the outcome that you seek – often this is custom-tailored to your unique situation. I invite you to Book A Free Call to discuss what makes the most sense for where you are at. That all said, I want my work to be accessible to help as many folks as possible. Depending on your income bracket etc., I do offer limited spots in a scholarship program if you qualify. Also anyone can become a patron of my podcast and enjoy monthly group “hangout” sessions where you can get face-time with me.

Do you offer Scholarship Opportunities for those in need (eg. lower income bracket, military/veteran, other qualified conditions, etc.)?

Yes I do! Please ask on our scheduled call if you might be eligible to apply for a Scholarship to work together in one of my programs. I would be more than happy to discuss this in detail, and see if you qualify. I want to help as many great folks as I can!

Do you have bonuses or discounts for longer term packages?

Yes, I have bonus offers and special rates for larger package solutions, and I also have my ‘Inner Circle’ coaching program for people who find themselves in need of my services, in short bursts, for round-the-clock service.

Do you do group coaching to offset some of the cost?

Absolutely! My goal and passion is to help as many people as possible have thriving, healthy relationships that make their heart sing! To that end, I have created a one-of-a-kind, transformational coaching program that incorporates both information as well as live coaching (both one-on-one coupled with group) to create sustainable transformation and massive results in a relatively short amount of time. There are a limited spots available to ensure that the individuals in this special 8-week program will get the attention that they deserve. Click here to book a discovery breakthrough session to learn more about this opportunity to transform your relationships and your life! Just from this call alone, you will gain valuable insights and clarity.

I prefer to do personal growth work on my own. Do you offer any online self-directed courses?

Yes I do! I have created a one-of-kind online course of this nature that has had an impact immediately for my clients. You can Book A Call with me now to discuss if this program is the right fit for you and your situation. Or you can also Watch My Masterclass to learn more and get some valuable information to help you know what to do next on your journey.

Where are you located?

I am in the Washington, D.C. area living in Northern Virginia. Coaching can take place in person if local, via a Skype/Zoom meeting session, or also over the phone.

Interested in speaking with me directly?