Client Stories

ethical non monogamy counsellingThe JSG Program was instrumental in helping me navigate from monogamy to polyamory. Without the course material, and Kitty’s perfect pitch coaching, I don’t think I would have made it. Kitty is a beautiful soul who will gently but firmly be your guide through this very tough but amazingly rewarding journey” — Mark Richter

ethical non monogamy counsellingThe Jealousy Survival Guide undersells itself. It’s not just about Jealousy. It’s about relationships, in all their infinite variety. This program is essential for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of their relationship with their partner, themselves and all the people around them. I did not take the enrollment of this lightly but I am so, so glad I did it. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.” — Clive Silvaticus

ethical non monogamy counselling

When I started the JSG program, I was a mess. My emotions were erratic, scary and I was out of control. Kitty’s program gave me a large amount of tools that help me daily in navigating my life. I am so grateful and happy I took the plunge and invested in myself and in my relationships.” — Sue Angle

ethical non monogamy counsellingMy wife, Tonya and I were losing our connection for many years before deciding to open our marriage, and boy did I fall down the rabbithole. I was an anxious, jealous wreck trying to manuever this emotional territory after so many years of being an emotional zombie in my marriage. I suddenly felt like I wasn’t enough for my wife, that she must not be happy with me, and so many other limiting beliefs that swirled around in my head. So I started looking for some support and found Kitty through her Facebook group, Loving Without Boundaries.

I can’t even begin to express how grateful and appreciative I am for Kitty’s work and the tools I have learned through this coaching program. The work we have done throughout this program and course has built a stronger connection between my wife and I than I have ever seen before. We learned so much about each other and fell in love all over again! There are so many useful tools that allow me to see the limiting beliefs and the shitty stories in my head for what they are, and get myself back to living my life in gratitude and abundance, living within my values, and respecting my boundaries. Life will never be the same after attaining the knowledge I did from this program. Thank you Kitty, we love you!” — Zachary Roberts


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