Podcast Interview: Dedeker Winston – Author of “Smart Girl’s Guide to Polyamory,” Podcaster, Activist, Belly Dancer!

Cheers Sexy People! After much collaboration, coordination, traveling and resolving tech issues, I am pleased as punch to bring you our latest podcast interview – Part One and Part Two – with the super smart, highly interesting, and beautiful Dedeker Winston! She is the author of her kickass and highly informative book “Smart Girl’s Guide to Polyamory” which I absolutely…

be bold, be first

Acceptance for the REAL YOU and When To Tell If You’re In An Unhealthy Friendship

Cheers Sexy People! I don’t know about you but speaking for myself, I am super big on nurturing and improving my emotional, mental as well as physical well-being. My inner peace and emotional state are incredibly important to me, as well as my sanity! I work very hard at surrounding myself with uplifting, inspiring, awesome…

Angel Kalafatis

Podcast Interview: Angel – Sex-Positive Educator, Research Scientist, Advocate, Activist

Cheers Sexy People! Happy Friday! I’m absolutely thrilled to announce the next podcast interview with sex-positive educator and creator of University of North Florida’s (UNF) first ever Sex Week that I wrote about here, Angel. It was an honor and a privilege to get to speak to the students of UNF in my Polyamory In Practice workshop and…

CAPTIVATE the science of succeding with people

Podcast Interview: Vanessa Van Edwards – Author of “Captivate”, Human Behavior Researcher

Cheers Sexy People! OK OK this is one of the coolest podcast interviews yet with one of my all-time favorite HEROES, human behavior researcher and all-around awesome person, Vanessa Van Edwards! I first became aware of Vanessa’s work when she spoke briefly on the main stage of the World Domination Summit (WDS) in 2016 discussing…

Tim @PolyChicago

Podcast Interview: Tim @PolyChicago, Long-time Polyamorist, Community Organizer + Upcoming Events

Cheers Sexy People! I’m super stoked to announce the next podcast interview that went live recently with Tim @PolyChicago who was also a presenter at the latest Beyond The Love conference that I wrote about here. Tim at is a poly community organizer in… you guessed it… Chicago! He has hosted events with the Chicago Polyamory Meetup Group…

REF Relationship Equality Foundation

All of the AWESOME at RelateCon 2017 – Hugely Successful (and First) Poly Conference in Boise, Idaho

Cheers Sexy People! I am writing you from beautiful Boise, Idaho where I am enjoying the awesomeness of my host house with the lovely, cuddly Heather (you rock, Heather – LOVE YOU)! I am thankfully still reveling in the “post-con high” from this past weekend’s first ever RelateCon polyamory conference. Let me tell you there is…


Podcast Interview: Lightfoot, Poly Sr. – Member of CopperMoon Advanced Retreat Center

Cheers Sexy People! I’m really excited to announce the next podcast interview that just went live today with a soothing soul named Lightfoot. This wonderful human commented here on our Loving Without Boundaries blog, and he and I got into a lovely conversation. It was SO lovely that I invited this fine gentleman to be a guest…

UNF pride club

Successful Sex Week at UNF Sharing a New Workshop: Polyamory In Practice

Cheers Sexy People! Wow wow wow! What an absolute honor it was to be one of the presenters representing the Relationship Equality Foundation (REF) at the University of North Florida’s (UNF) first ever Sex Week! I was so humbled and excited to have the opportunity to create a special workshop with the UNF Pride Club students…

Tikva Wolf

Podcast Interview: Tikva Wolf – KimchiCuddles Cartoonist, Activist, Artist = Awesome!

Cheers Sexy People! Squeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! I am just TICKLED PINK to share with you our latest podcast interview – Part One and Part Two – with the incredibly talented and awesome, Tikva Wolf, creator of the now famous in the poly community KimchiCuddles comic. I have been unwittingly following Tikva’s work for YEARS before I even realized who the creator…