down for whatever

“Down For Whatever” Podcast Interview with Myisha Battle – Kitty’s Origin Story in Poly and Business, NRE, Poly Households & More!

Cheers Sexy People! It is with great, great pleasure that I share my first guest podcast interview with the ever lovable, Myisha Battle – a sex coach and all-around awesome human being, whom I have had on my podcast, in episode 40. Myisha Battle is a certified sex coach and expert whom I met at Woodhull’s…

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5 Ways to Meet Other Like-Minded Lifestyle / Polyamorous Folk

Cheers Sexy People! In my line of work being a sex-positive, polyamorous activist and author, I very often get asked: “How can I meet other like-minded peeps in the lifestyle / in the polyamorous community? Well I’m happy to say that this post aims to answer that very question! I have identified as being in…


Podcast Interview: Dedeker Winston – Author of “Smart Girl’s Guide to Polyamory,” Podcaster, Activist, Belly Dancer!

Cheers Sexy People! After much collaboration, coordination, traveling and resolving tech issues, I am pleased as punch to bring you our latest podcast interview – Part One and Part Two – with the super smart, highly interesting, and beautiful Dedeker Winston! She is the author of her kickass and highly informative book “Smart Girl’s Guide to Polyamory” which I absolutely…

be bold, be first

Acceptance for the REAL YOU and When To Tell If You’re In An Unhealthy Friendship

Cheers Sexy People! I don’t know about you but speaking for myself, I am super big on nurturing and improving my emotional, mental as well as physical well-being. My inner peace and emotional state are incredibly important to me, as well as my sanity! I work very hard at surrounding myself with uplifting, inspiring, awesome…

Angel Kalafatis

Podcast Interview: Angel – Sex-Positive Educator, Research Scientist, Advocate, Activist

Cheers Sexy People! Happy Friday! I’m absolutely thrilled to announce the next podcast interview with sex-positive educator and creator of University of North Florida’s (UNF) first ever Sex Week that I wrote about here, Angel. It was an honor and a privilege to get to speak to the students of UNF in my Polyamory In Practice workshop and…

CAPTIVATE the science of succeding with people

Podcast Interview: Vanessa Van Edwards – Author of “Captivate”, Human Behavior Researcher

Cheers Sexy People! OK OK this is one of the coolest podcast interviews yet with one of my all-time favorite HEROES, human behavior researcher and all-around awesome person, Vanessa Van Edwards! I first became aware of Vanessa’s work when she spoke briefly on the main stage of the World Domination Summit (WDS) in 2016 discussing…

Tim @PolyChicago

Podcast Interview: Tim @PolyChicago, Long-time Polyamorist, Community Organizer + Upcoming Events

Cheers Sexy People! I’m super stoked to announce the next podcast interview that went live recently with Tim @PolyChicago who was also a presenter at the latest Beyond The Love conference that I wrote about here. Tim at is a poly community organizer in… you guessed it… Chicago! He has hosted events with the Chicago Polyamory Meetup Group…

REF Relationship Equality Foundation

All of the AWESOME at RelateCon 2017 – Hugely Successful (and First) Poly Conference in Boise, Idaho

Cheers Sexy People! I am writing you from beautiful Boise, Idaho where I am enjoying the awesomeness of my host house with the lovely, cuddly Heather (you rock, Heather – LOVE YOU)! I am thankfully still reveling in the “post-con high” from this past weekend’s first ever RelateCon polyamory conference. Let me tell you there is…