Frank Macri

Podcast Interview: Frank Macri – Creator of Namasgay Summit, Business & Relationship Coach, Educator, Rock Star!

Cheers Sexy People! I am so so excited to share my latest podcast interview with you that I recently recorded with my dear friend, teacher, and colleague, Frank Macri — creator of the Namasgay movement and Summit (April 20–22 in Seattle, WA). Frank is one of my favorite people on the planet that I feel so blessed…

JoEllen Notte

Podcast Interview: JoEllen Notte – Educator and Mental Health Advocate Specializing in Sex and Depression

Cheers Sexy People! I am absolutely delighted to share my latest podcast interview with you, Part One and Part Two, that I recently recorded with JoEllen Notte, creator of the award winning website, The Redhead Bedhead, that explores modern relationships as it intersects with our mental health, and our sexuality. I was lucky enough to attend three…


Emotional Responsibility (via Multiamory) + Exclusive Content (via Patreon) + Upcoming Events

Cheers Sexy People! Several months ago now I had the honor of being asked to be a contributing writer (along with many other fabulous writers) for a website called Multiamory. I am very proud of this second article that I wrote for Multiamory called Emotional Responsibility: Owning Your Side of the Fence. This topic is very near and dear…

Loving without boundaries polyamory podcasts

Exclusive LWB Patreon Podcast Offerings + Nonviolent Communication Techniques from JSG

Cheers Sexy People! I hope your year is off to a running and spectacular start! In an effort to switch things up for fun while at the same time give you stellar content, I have just released a new educational burst podcast! In this new series, I will review various techniques that help ANY healthy…

Lessons in practising polyamory

Exclusive LWB Patreon Podcast Offerings – Get In at the Ground Level for Exclusive and Awesome Content!

Cheers Sexy People! Happy New Year, amazing, awesome, and inspiring community! Wow! What a whirlwind from the Loving Without Boundaries headquarters! First the “Jealousy Survival Guide” book launch, then attending the amazing Beyond The Love Conference in Columbus, Ohio, followed by dropping knowledge at the National Sex Educators Conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey with…

Poly Counselling Kitty Chambliss

Beyond The Love Conference + Jealousy Survival Guide Book Table + Happy Loving Holidays!

Cheers Sexy People! Well they did it again! Dan, Dawn, and Karen created another fan-freaking-tastic polyamory conference again. I love these guys and the powerful educational opportunities they provide to our ever-growing community! This year followed suit with the last two conferences that I attended as well. I am so proud and excited to continue…

Kevin Patterson

Podcast Interview: Kevin Patterson – Creator of Poly Role Models, Philadelphia Poly Leader, Educator, Author

Cheers Sexy People! I am totally stoked to share my latest podcast interview with you that I recently recorded with Kevin Patterson, creator of the movement, blog, and video podcast Poly Role Models. Kevin and I were both recently at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit and even in the same classroom with Jules Purnell in his Love Without Limits…

poly triad

What Does It Feel Like When You Believe You Can Do Anything?

Cheers Sexy People! What if you believed that anything you set your mind to, you could achieve it? What if in your heart and mind, you knew that you already possessed everything that you needed to make your goals realized? The power of your own belief in yourself, and realizing your own unlimited potential is…