The Pageist

Podcast Interview: The Pageist – Podcaster, Writer, Sex Educator, Kinkster, Book Reviewer, Polyamorist

Cheers Sexy People! I am delighted to share my latest podcast interview with the lovely Paige La Marchand of the The Pageist podcast. I was fortunate enough to have made Paige’s acquaintance thanks to Dan – co-creator of the Beyond The Love conference. Dan was kind enough to alert me to her podcast when I was promoting the release of my book,…

Polyamory cinema, Triangle short film

A Polyamory-Inspired Film Short Called “Triangle” from Writer/Director, Michael Conroy – Enjoy!

Cheers Sexy People! I am honored and delighted to share a short film that came to my attention by the writer/director himself, Michael Conroy. I just finished watching it for the first time, and I gotta say, I was in tears by the end of it. Why? Because this is partly my life, including the…

Sarah Sloane

Podcast Interview: Sarah Sloane – Sexuality & Relationships Educator, Writer, and Coach

Cheers Sexy People! I am really excited to share my latest podcast interview with the amazing Sarah Sloane whom I met at the 2017 Beyond The Love conference when I attended one of her classes, and then again at 2018 Beyond The Love  conference when Sarah was manning a bookstore table next to mine! How fun! I have been very impressed with…

Matt Connolly

Podcast Interview: Matt Connolly – Co-Creator of Southwest Love Fest Con, PLN & Loving More Member

Cheers Sexy People! I am truly honored to share my latest podcast interview with Matt Connolly whom I met at the 2017 Beyond The Love conference, and then again at the Atlanta Poly Weekend 2018 conference. Though Matt is earlier on in his journey of practicing polyamory in his relationships, he has jumped in the pool with both…

poluamory emotional responsibility

Emotional Responsibility: Owning Your Side of the Fence

Cheers, Sexy People! One of the more perplexing issues in relationships – whether we are living a monogamous life or a polyamorous / consensually non-monogamous life – is managing our often-complex emotions. Now couple that with learning when to communicate and how, and we have a recipe for potentially difficult situations indeed. Let’s face it,…

franklin veaux

Podcast Interview: Franklin Veaux – Sex Toy Creator, Speaker, Author of “The Game Changer”, Co-Author of “More Than Two”

Cheers Sexy People! Well we did it, gang! We made it to 100 EPISODES! I want to thank my partners, my fur babies who give me love while I’m conducting interviews, and, and… I’m joking around. Who do I want to thank here? I want honor and celebrate every single person that I have interviewed,…

Polyamorous Community

The Polyamory Guide to Community Building (originally featured on “Multiamory”)

Cheers, Sexy People! Looking for other like-minded polyamorous peeps in your area but can’t seem to find any? Feeling alone on your unconventional life journey? That’s how I was feeling at the beginning of my consensually non-monogamous life over a decade ago. Thank goodness I eventually discovered the amazing power of community to help embrace…

Zach Budd

Podcast Interview: Zach Budd – Consent Warrior, Black Sex Geek, NCSF Member

Cheers Sexy People! Hello, Loving Without Boundaries gang! I’m so excited to share my latest podcast interview with the incredible, the amazing, the geeky researcher of consent: Zach Budd. I had the absolute honor of being introduced to Zach Budd by Ruby Johnson, creator of PolyDallas Millennium. We got to know each other cyberly and delightfully prior to meeting in person at Beyond The…

Signed books by Kevin Patterson, Franklin Veaux, yours truly Kitty Chambliss, and more!

Holiday Madness Giveaway —> LWB 100th Podcast Contest for Patrons w/Signed Poly-Friendly Book Prizes!

Cheers Sexy People! I can’t believe it, but I’m about to release my 100th episode soon for the Loving Without Boundaries podcast! Whoot! I reached out to some of my favorite author interviewees to see if they wanted to get involved in the celebration. I am delighted to honor their expertise and fine work, and share…

Scarlett Ross

Podcast Interview: Scarlett Ross – Educator, Writer, Director at Relationship Equality Foundation, Domestic Goddess

Cheers Sexy People! Happy Friday, Loving Without Boundaries gang! I’m so excited to share my latest podcast interview with the amazing Scarlett Ross. I had the good fortune of meeting Scarlett at this past year’s Atlanta Poly Weekend polyamory conference back in June 2018 where we were both presenters. I learned that we both are affiliated with the Relationship…