Mariah Freya

Podcast Interview: Mariah Freya – Sex Coach, Changing the World with Conscious Sex

Cheers Sexy People! Hello, mah people! Happy holidays to you for those who celebrate your respective festivities. I’m delighted to share my latest podcast interview that I recently released with sex coach Mariah Freya, founder of Beducated. Mariah reached out to me to be interviewed, and I am so happy to share her work and mission with…

Sheffa Ariens

Podcast Interview: Sheffa Ariens – Marriage and Family Therapist, Kink, Trauma

Cheers Sexy People! Hello, my lovelies! I’m happy to share my latest podcast interview that I recently released with Sheffa Ariens, a marriage and family therapist working in the North Carolina area. Her speciality focuses on somatic psychotherapy, working primarily with folks in the non-monogamy community, as well as the queer/transgender community and so much more! This interview was…

jealousy in relationships polyamory, open marriage, non-monogamy

Are the Odds Against You Building Jealousy-Free Open Relationships?

Have you noticed that feelings of jealousy, insecurity, self-doubt, or shame are starting to cause you to lose sleep at night? Are you frantically trying to figure out on your own how to handle your emotions and up-level your communication skills with your partners? Have you started to worry that your relationship(s) may be in…

holidays loneliness

How to Get Through the Holidays (Without Loneliness!)

Every day, I speak to clients who are battling disconnection, confusion, and often loneliness. They feel so alone on their journey, because they’re trying to figure out by themselves how to navigate creating healthy, loving open relationships. Yet their situation just ends up getting worse and worse with each day, as the feelings mount –…

Michael Conroy

Podcast Interview: Michael Conroy – Filmmaker and Creator of the Film Short “Triangle”

Cheers Sexy People! Happy Friday, love train! I’m happy to share my latest podcast interview that I recently released with Michael Conroy, a filmmaker from my neck of the woods – the Philadelphia area! Go Eagles! Michael made the big move to the City Of Angels and has not looked back. Over the course of his…

poly counseling poly therapist poly coach

Do You Have the INTEGRITY to Live an Honest Life, Dear Reader?

Do You Have the Integrity… …to defiantly live an honest life on your terms, with multiple partners, openly…with the consent of all involved – regardless of what society is doing around you? Think before you answer. Do you truly have what it takes to be deeply honest with yourself and others? To fight through fear?…

open marriage counselling, open relationship coach

How A Couple Successfully Opened Up Their Relationship and Thrived – Even After Cheating!

Wow … wait until you hear this! My clients Tim and Cheryl came to me out of desperation. Their relationship was on the verge of a breakup due to both of them having debilitating baggage. Tim had always struggled with being monogamous. Four failed marriages later, he was caught in a vicious cycle of being…