Ben Schenker

Podcast Interview: Ben Schenker, DC-Based Polyamorous and LGBT Family Lawyer, Poly Family Trusts and Estates

Cheers Sexy People! I am super thrilled to share my latest podcast interview with you, Part One and Part Two, that I recorded with DC-based polyamory family lawyer, Ben Schenker. Ben and I met cyberly and then over a live telephone call (yes people still talk on the phone! Ha!) when he reached out to me several months ago. Then…

The Four Agreements

Polyamory, Toltec Wisdom, and “The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide for Personal Freedom”

Cheers Sexy People! Hello amazing and brave community! It is fantastic to be writing to you here today! I cherish this wonderful creative and therapeutic outlet of this blog which also serves as a way to support and send love and hope to this courageous community. It is not an easy choice to live an alternative…


Podcast Interview: Timaree Schmit, Sexuality Educator, Polyamorist, Podcaster, Burlesque Performer, and Author

Cheers Sexy People! I am so totally stoked to share my latest podcast interview with you that I recorded with Timaree Schmit – podcast hostess of “Sex with Timaree” and Philadelphia-based burlesque dancer! Wow, what great interview! I was thankfully introduced to Timaree’s work via our mutual friend and colleague, Dr. Elisabeth Sheff. Thank you, Eli for the introduction!…

Mind over medicine

Why Your TOTAL Health Matters, Polycule Hospital Visits, Authenticity, and “Mind Over Medicine” by Lissa Rankin

Cheers Sexy People! Wow what a ride (and I’m still on it I’m afraid!) I am writing you from the other side of an alarming medical scare that rocked my world, my polycule, and my “best-laid-plans“ schedule! In our polyamorous community, we often talk about the “what-if’s”, such as “what if you are in the…

Nolan Lawless

Podcast Interview: Nolan Lawless, Sex Educator, Professional Counselor, Mental Health Specialist

Cheers Sexy People! I am so tickled pink to share my latest podcast interview with you that I recently recorded with Nolan Lawless, Licensed Professional Counseling specializing in alternative relationships, sex, kink, polyamory, and mental health. Amazingly, I met Nolan via the online world partly because he very generously wrote a book review for my recent…

Emily Dahlquist

Podcast Interview: Emily Dahlquist, Creator and Founder of Coup/3 Goals Relationship Event Series

Cheers Sexy People! I am so excited to share my latest podcast interview with you that I recently recorded with Emily Dahlquist, artist, creative, and event producer of the series “Coup/3 Goals” in Chicago, Illinois. I was honored and delighted to meet Emily cyberly when she reached out to me inquiring about my interest in participating…

Kimchi Cuddles Gender Fluidity

Podcast Interview: Tikva Wolf, “KimchiCuddles” Webcomic Creator Speaks on Gender Fluidity

Cheers Sexy People! I am super duper stoked to share my latest podcast interview with you that I recorded with the amazing, the talented, the uber creative and uber cool, Tikva Wolf! I feel so incredibly fortunate to have come to get to know this awesome human being who started her public polyamorous activism right around…

Lola Houston

Podcast Interview: Lola Houston, Trans Female Teacher, Healer, Thought Leader

Cheers Sexy People! I am thrilled to share my latest podcast interview with you that I recorded with Lola Houston, a transgender female that I met at last year’s Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit in Arlington, Virginia. I absolutely LOVED attending Lola’s workshop entitled “Visibility in a Time of Peril: Come out, come out wherever you are…

the life-changing magic of tyding up

Tidying Up our Emotional Baggage and our Relationships = AWESOME Personal Growth!

Cheers Sexy People! I have been having a fascinating experience over the last year that I would love to share with this amazing, courageous, and awesome community. In my experience, reading is cathartic and healing, so whenever I need a jolt of inspiration or motivation, I quite often turn to books. So I recently turned…

Frank Macri

Podcast Interview: Frank Macri, Creator of Namasgay Summit, Business & Relationship Coach, Educator, Rock Star!

Cheers Sexy People! I am so so excited to share my latest podcast interview with you that I recently recorded with my dear friend, teacher, and colleague, Frank Macri — creator of the Namasgay movement and Summit (April 20–22 in Seattle, WA). Frank is one of my favorite people on the planet that I feel so blessed…