Kait Scalisi

Podcast Interview: Kait Scalisi, MPH, Pleasure-Based Sex Educator, Relationship Counselor, Unapologetic Feminist

Cheers Sexy People! Whoot! I’m thrilled to share my latest podcast interview  with a super pleasure-based sex educator and relationship counselor, Kait Scalisi of Passion By Kait. We had the pleasure of meeting at last year’s Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit which I now go to every year. Kait has a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and a Master’s in…

Mindy Raf

Podcast Interview: Mindy Raf, Polyamorous Stand-Up Comedian, Storyteller, Author, Edinburgh Fringe Performer

Cheers Sexy People! Do I have a treat for you! I’m so so excited to share my latest podcast interview (Part One and Part Two) with polyamorous/queer and most importantly hilarious and awesome stand-up comedian, Mindy Raf. I had the honor of meeting Mindy when we were both presenters / performers at Consider This: A Day of Challenging…

Endless Poly Summer

Endless Poly Summer is Upon Us! Come Join Tikva Wolf and I August 17–22 in West Virginia!

Cheers Sexy People! We all hear that healthy polyamory involves communication, communication, communication. I am also VERY often asked: Where can I meet other poly folk in the community? And how do I learn the skills needed to manage multiple partners, jealousy, and all the emotions that come up? Well today, I’m going tell you about…

Sara D

Podcast Interview: Sara D, Curious Fox, Polyamory Activist, Writer, Scientist, Bona Fide Nerd

Cheers Sexy People! What a lovely podcast interview I have to share with you! I am so elated to share my latest podcast interview that I recorded with the beautiful, inspiring, and lovely Sara D, one of the two original Curious Foxes in New York (a community created with relationship coach Effy Blue). Sara is a…

Ruby Johnson

Podcast Interview: Ruby B Johnson, Creator of PolyDallas Millennium, Therapist, Writer, Speaker

Cheers Sexy People! Oh my goodness, this podcast episode is such a hoot! I have another amazing guest interview for you guys that will knock your socks off! I am thrilled to share my latest podcast interview, Part One and Part Two, that I recorded with the hilarious, wicked smart, and stupendously awesome Ruby B Johnson. Mrs. Johnson is…

Bryce Mango

Podcast Interview: Bryce + Mango + Kitty Unconventional Trio Interview, Inspiration, and World Domination!

Cheers Sexy People! I have such a treat for you guys! I am beside myself excited to share my latest podcast interview, Part One and Part Two, that I recorded in Utah on location with my great friends Bryce and Mango. Wow listening to this episode today, I am overjoyed, humbled, and full of pride at this intriguing, excellent, and…

sex after kids

How Do You Get the “Sexy” Back After Childbirth? Let’s Talk Communication Techniques, Sexy People!

Cheers Sexy People! I often get questions from our polyamorous community surrounding children. I do not have any children of my own (my husband and I are infertile), but I still want to offer value to those in our community who do have kids or strive to have kids. On a related topic, I am…

Ben Schenker

Podcast Interview: Ben Schenker, DC-Based Polyamorous and LGBT Family Lawyer, Poly Family Trusts and Estates

Cheers Sexy People! I am super thrilled to share my latest podcast interview with you, Part One and Part Two, that I recorded with DC-based polyamory family lawyer, Ben Schenker. Ben and I met cyberly and then over a live telephone call (yes people still talk on the phone! Ha!) when he reached out to me several months ago. Then…

The Four Agreements

Polyamory, Toltec Wisdom, and “The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide for Personal Freedom”

Cheers Sexy People! Hello amazing and brave community! It is fantastic to be writing to you here today! I cherish this wonderful creative and therapeutic outlet of this blog which also serves as a way to support and send love and hope to this courageous community. It is not an easy choice to live an alternative…