Self Care

How’s your heart doing? (A poly self-care check-in)

Hello Loving Without Boundaries Community! As someone practicing consensual non-monogamy, you’re no stranger to the emotional complexities that come with navigating multiple relationships. But in the midst of caring for your partners and nurturing your connections, how often do you prioritize your own emotional well-being? In the whirlwind of managing multiple relationships, juggling schedules, and…


A little something about compersion (you may find this interesting)

Hello Loving Without Boundaries Community!   Have you ever struggled with feelings of jealousy or insecurity when your partner experiences joy with someone else? You’re not alone. Many people in polyamorous relationships find it challenging to fully embrace compersion – the feeling of happiness and joy in response to a partner’s pleasure with another partner.I…

Lost, Found, Searching

You deserve fulfilling CNM relationships. Let’s make it happen together!

Hello Loving Without Boundaries Community!   Do you find yourself constantly attracted to unhealthy or codependent patterns in your consensual non-monogamous (CNM) relationships? If you’re sick and tired of the endless cycle of roller coaster emotions, the pain of unfulfilling connections, and the fear that you’ll never find true happiness or suitable partners also interested in… Top 10 Non-Monogamy Experts Featuring Kitty Chambliss

As Featured in’s “10 Best Non-Monogamy Experts for 2024” – What an HONOR!

Hello, Loving Without Boundaries Community! I am so incredibly thrilled to announce that I have been featured in’s prestigious list of the “10 Best Non-Monogamy Experts for 2024”! Wow! I am so deeply honored by being listed alongside so many trusted professionals that I deeply admire. This recognition is a testament to the hard…

Dr. Stephen Furlich

Podcast Interview: Dr. Stephen Furlich, Author of “Nonverbal Epiphany: Steps to Improve Your Nonverbal Communication”

Hello, Loving Without Boundaries (LWB) community! I am delighted to share my latest podcast interview with Dr. Stephen Furlich, the author of “Nonverbal Epiphany: Steps to Improve Your Nonverbal Communication” and “Sex Talk: How Biological Sex Influences Gender Communication Differences Throughout Life’s Stages”. I have had the honor and pleasure of interviewing Dr. Furlich in…

Ready to transform your CNM connections from ‘meh’ to ‘amazing’? Let's do this!

Ready to transform your CNM connections from ‘meh’ to ‘amazing’? Let’s do this!

Hello Loving Without Boundaries Community!   Are you yearning for more satisfying, soul-nourishing consensual non-monogamous (CNM) relationships but feeling unsure about how to get there? If you’re ready to experience the full potential and joy of your CNM journey, but lack the right tools and support to make it happen, I completely understand.As someone who…