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The stage at Hacienda Villa for Poly Talks and Wry Relationships: The Ethical Slut – 09.10.16

This past weekend, I had the honor and pleasure of joining Wry from A Wry Perspective as a special guest panelist in Brooklyn, New York for his national tour: Poly Talks and Wry Relationships: The Ethical Slut. As you may have guessed by the title, I was also honored with the privilege of meeting Janet Hardy, co-author of The Ethical Slut that she wrote with Dossie Eaton. What an incredible day! This event took place at the Hacienda Villa, which is a 14-room polyamorous apartment complex with large open spaces that are artfully decorated, pleasant, and welcoming. One of their residents, Eric was nice enough to even give me a tour of the entire complex. So freaking cool, my friends! Every single person I met there that evening was delightful, friendly, accommodating, and helpful with every aspect of the event. If I had any nervous jitters about being a panelist for the first time or meeting Janet Hardy in the flesh, they were all but washed away by the graciousness of the hosts and the attendees alike. If this is what poly communal living is like, sign me up if I ever leave the warmth and safety of my own humble poly abode (which is highly unlikely, but still! It’s good to have options!).

Wry created a very interesting and engaging format for the event that he has really come to enjoy, as do his panelists and the audience. It is essentially 100% Q&A – thus the audience gets exactly what they want (their questions answered), and the panelists can simply show up with their head screwed on straight without having to spend oodles of time prepping a lengthy presentation. I have never engaged with a format quite like this, but overall I really enjoyed it! There were three sessions, with four panelists on stage to answer questions for each of the three sessions. Wry and Janet were on stage for each one, and then we switched out two of the six other panelists for each session to keep it fresh and interesting. I was on stage for the first session with Effy Blue. Ironically I had found her site several months ago when I was doing some research on other poly-friendly relationship coaches out there! So when I saw she was one of the other panelists, I was totally stoked to meet her! And to share the stage with her, Janet, and Wry was such a pleasure. I was so honored to not only select the seat next to Janet on stage, but also to get to say in front of a live audience that her book, The Ethical Slut, literally changed my life! It was a proud moment for me in my polyamorous life to get to thank such a pivotal person to the cheers of the audience who totally got me, got what I was saying, and also know how amazing this woman sitting directly next to me was. Finding your tribe, your community of like-minded people who support where you are at with both your life, your relationships, your lifestyle AND meeting them in person while getting to enjoy that exuberance of real-time hugs and gleeful cheers is indescribably awesome. I urge you all to find YOUR tribe. Maybe it’s here at Loving Without Boundaries where we welcome your unconventional life, relationships and musing with open arms.

screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-9-32-41-amOn that note, I’d like to officially announce my new website! What a strange and awesome journey it has been for me. And it feels so fitting that it has culminated into this website launch, me getting professionally certified as a relationship coach specializing in unconventional relationships and transformational change, and telling this amazing community about a limited time, special offer! I created the LWB blog back in December 2012 having no idea really what I was doing – I barely knew what a blog even was. Over 175 blog posts in, more than 30 podcast episodes with more in the can, and a dual coaching certification in the works, no one could have predicted – especially not me – what was in store! I mean, I just met Janet Hardy for cripes sake about eight years after I read her transformational book! Wow!!! I never could have foreseen all of this!

As both a thank you to the existing community, and as a way to help frankly the world at large, I have created a FREE TOOLS page on the new website. If you sign up to be part of the community (which is 100% totally FREE!!!), you can download the free toolkit that includes the following:

JJealousySurvival_Sealousy Survival Guidebook (PDF) – A comprehensive guide book and step-by-step template for recognizing feelings of jealousy and insecurity as they come up with effective tools for sorting through those emotions, and when, if, and how to bring up challenging or potentially emotionally charged conversations with loved ones. NOTE: Chapter One available now – stay tuned for the completed book.


Truetrue-stories_s Stories of Multiple Loves Interview Series (PDF) – An ebook formatted version of my most popular real life stories of people successfully leading an ethically non-monogamous life, written in their own words based on my written interview questions created for the Loving Without Boundaries blog.

creed_sLoving Without Boundaries Creed – High Resolution Poster (Image Download) – The 21 core principles for our Loving Without Boundaries mission and revolution in high-quality printable format to serve as a reminder of how to interact with the world and our most cherished loved ones – all while creating connections and relationships that change everything.

If you are not already a member (and even if you are), please feel welcome here, subscribe for the toolkit, enjoy all that the website has to offer you (resources, articles, interviews, and more!) and soak in all of the awesome.

Also I am offering only three slots (so that I can devote my attention properly) to be one of my coaching clients at a crazy reduced price (50% off) for a limited time. As of yesterday, two of the slots are already filled. I have ONE SPOT LEFT. Want to be one of my coaching clients? Got some burning questions that you want answered? Wondering how managing multiple relationships (or simply rocking the ones you have now) could work for you? I invite you to get on my schedule for a FREE 20-minute consultation. (NOTE: the link on the “coaching” page of my new website has a $30 U.S. charge for thirty minutes of my time whereas the special link in this blog post is free, free, FREE!) I am happy to speak with you directly, get to know you and your situation, and see if we are a good fit to potentially work together – again at 50% off right now! Please note that my rates will go up after I complete my certification. You have officially been given a heads up, community!

Most of all, thanks for being here, thanks for being uniquely you, thanks for kicking ass and being brave in your everyday life, showing up as authentically you! I am cheering you on, celebrating your everyday successes with you, and know that you can not only rock your day, but ROCK YOUR LIFE! Make every day count, because you CAN! I’m behind you!

Wishing you peace, love and happiness,
(and thrilling, fun sex too!)


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